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This year I don't have any links to panels to share, and for the most part, I didn't take photos until I sat in Program A all day on Sunday. I hope you'll all forgive me, then, if for my wrap-up I do a combination of photos of my one new cosplay (that'd be my Kimono!9, which I wore on Saturday) and photos I took during those Sunday panels.

So just like last year, I wore my femme!Three on Friday (see last year's recap for photos). Though Katy Manning coveted the frilly shirt, this year I got more comments on how it would make a great Joker cosplay than on its intended meaning. I shrugged it off, though, since it was a repeat costume, and the real "money shot," if you will, would be on Saturday.

Remember that I created this costume as part of a group cosplay (the Tin Litter), in which all of us would do our unique take on K-9. It was therefore important to me to get some group photos. Since we'd had our photo taken with Sylvester McCoy as the TARDISpod at Gally 2013, I loved the idea of getting Doctor photos as the Tin Litter this year. Not everyone was up for both Doctor (spoiled for choice, we were!), so there ended up being two of us with Colin, and four of us with Paul.

We were also fortunate to have photographer Omar Fremen take some shots of us. My favorite photo of my Kimono!9 from the whole con is this one he took:

Gallifrey One - 25 Glorious Years: Day Three


I joked with a friend that today's blog post would be short and sweet: "Sunday I spent all day in Program A. The end." While that's an accurate summary, though, it's neither interesting to read nor anywhere near complete.

Because of the timing of our Tin Litter photo with Paul McGann on Saturday, we'd had to miss the Billie Piper interview panel. So around 9:30, I went down to see if I could get in to the repeat panel that started at 10. There's no reason I should have expected anything else, but I was still slightly bemused to come across a huge line snaking around outside the ballroom and onto the patio. When I got in line, we were already up the ramp toward the driveway; by the time the line began to move, there were probably at least half as many people behind me as in front of me.

Seeing Billie was lovely. She didn't take herself too seriously, told some fun stories, and just generally gave us all a sense of her real personality. Similarly, Arthur Darvill, whose panel followed, came across as a very real and approachable person, even if the conversation went off the rails pretty early on.

In the long tradition of poaching better seats as the ballroom clears, I'd moved up to the fourth row by the time the day's third panel began. This one, called "Variations on a Theme," was an interview with composer Dominic Glynn, who is responsible for the theme music for Season 23 (Trial of a Time Lord) and the incidental music for several Sixth and Seventh Doctor adventures. The highlight of the panel was the last few minutes, when he performed a live remix of the theme tune, never before performed, and created especially for Gallifrey One. I only wish I could have seen it from the stage side, to watch the screen of his Mac as he mixed.

Gallifrey One - 25 Glorious Years: Day Two


My Saturday was all about the cosplay. Almost since last year's Gally, the same group of friends who brought you the TARDISpod has been planning our next group cosplay: the Tin Litter. We each had our own unique take on K-9, and planned to bring them together for a photo op with Paul McGann Saturday afternoon. Since I also wanted to get a photo with Colin Baker, and his photo slot was across the end of my panel, I had to get in costume before my 11 am panel.

This proved easier said than done.

When I first hatched the idea of a Kimono!9 costume, I didn't consider the logistics. Especially for a gaijin like me who hasn't even attempted a yukata in decades, donning a kimono is a complicated and involved undertaking. I'll just say I'm glad I started early. By the time I went down to the Lobby to meet up with some of my fellow panelists ahead of the actual panel, I was already amped from seeing most of the rest of the Tin Litter in full costume.

The panel I was on was entitled "Geronimo!" and was about how one introduces a friend who's expressed interest in Doctor Who to the show. We had some good discussion about styles of episode one might try depending on specific characteristics of the interested friend, about how to ease resistance to certain Doctors or eras, about how not everyone enjoys Who in the same way (nor should they) and you can't make your friends appreciate all the same things you do, and about the pros and cons of specific entry episodes (notably Blink). It was a great discussion, and all the panelists were awesome. Many thanks to the wonderful Paul Cornell for moderating.

I spent the five minutes immediately after my panel rushing around trying to find the photo studio, stopping several times along the way to have my picture taken (one doesn't often see a kimono at Gally). The funny thing I noticed about how my costume was received was that a whole lot of folks didn't get it (some asked, and had to be told; others never cottoned on, based on their blank looks as I passed), but those who did get it did so immediately, and really loved it.

Gallifrey One - 25 Glorious Years: Day One


It feels very strange to be writing my first post this morning, after so much has already happened. Although only a single day of the official con has passed, Gallifrey One has been happening unofficially for many days now, a few of which I've been lucky enough to experience.

After a little travel excitement (though not nearly so much as many), I made it to LA on Wednesday night. All that travel combined with the two-hour time change (and in the wrong direction, dammit) kept me from being social, but the next morning I met up with some friends to have breakfast at our (non-Marriott) hotel and then drag all our stuff to the Marriott, where we'd all be staying for the duration.

The rest of the day was a slow ramp-up to LobbyCon, which is the socializing that happens outside con programming in the Marriott Lobby. Thursday night, the night before programming begins, is traditionally the night that LobbyCon begins (though as folks arrive earlier and earlier each year, it has stretched out well ahead of the con), and ribbon trading begins in earnest.

I also managed this year to get in on another Gally tradition: the run to In-N-Out Burger. Having never tried In-N-Out before, I figured it was worth a shot. However, because it's a bit of a hike from the Marriott (25 minute walk) and the particular folks I was with didn't have a car, I ended up blistering my feet on my not-a-good-fit-for-long-distances shoes. Frankly, the food wasn't nearly good enough to make up for it. In other words, having done it once, I see no reason to trek to In-N-Out again. (I got ribbons, though!)

The rest of Thursday was LobbyCon'ing, meeting up with friends old and new. It's both tiring and energizing, and I pooped out around 11.

You Have Been Warned


If any of you readers (regular or otherwise) either have no interest in news of the annual Gallifrey One convention or for some other reason don't want to read about all the awesomeness that is about to go down at this year's event, fair warning: look away now. Why? Because the annual squee-fest is about to begin. That's right: I'm off to the wilds of Los Angeles to partake in the craziness of Gally!

Every year is a little different, not only in terms of the guests attending and the panels offered, but in terms of what the overall experience means to me. My first year, I knew only one other attendee; last year, I knew several from the previous year and from Twitter; this year, I feel like I know lots. Therefore, much of the experience will revolve around friends.

Sadly, the local friends I like to meet up with while I'm in town are unavailable this year, so I won't have my usual out-of-con experience. Instead of meeting up with locals for lunch, I'll be hanging out with other Gally friends. Maybe I'll even help to set up the main ballroom, as there was a general call for able bodies along those lines. Might be fun.

Then there's the cosplay. Last year was my first time, and I did three costumes, including the group cosplay TARDISpod dress. This year, all the effort (primarily on my hubby's part, because he is awesome and also loves to make stuff) went into the Tin Litter (K-9) group cosplay costume. I'll be wearing one of my costumes from last year one day, too, but the K-9 will be the major focus—including more Doctor pictures!

As I said above, I will be posting a lot about Gally over the next week or so. If it doesn't interest you, come back in about two weeks; I'll have a Nu-View or a DVD review for you then. If, however, you are interested in the glorious insanity that is Gallifrey One, then stay tuned! I'll have my usual daily reviews of the con here, and Twitter will be awash with all the goings-on. (You can follow my Twitter feed or the official #Gally1 hashtag if that's your thing.)

Let the games begin!


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