Reader Poll Roundup: Series Ten Edition


Every year when I examine the readers' reactions to the series's episodes, I have more data from previous years (S7, S8, S9) to compare and contrast, thus giving context to the current year's ratings. Because I eliminated the zero-star option in all of the Reader Polls this year, I won't be able to do an "apples to apples" analysis, but will do what I can with what I've got.

I'll begin, as usual, with the average (mean) ratings. For each episode, I multiplied any given star rating (e.g., 5 stars) by the number of votes it got, added the results, and divided that sum by the total number of votes. The relatively even-keeled results are below:

Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later - Day Three


Sundays at Gally always have their own peculiar flavor. There is still a lot to do and see, but the specter of the end of the con hangs over everything, too. At the beginning of the day, though, it's relatively easy to pretend there's another two days of the con to go.

This year I spent most of my day in Program D at the discussion panels rather than in Program A at the main stage big events and interview panels as I have often done. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the day I wanted to be in both places at once. Program A held a live commentary screening of The Waters of Mars with actual NASA scientists giving the commentary. I know I would have loved it, and been nodding along (perhaps even noticing some of the same things as they were said), and both the tweets I read and personal accounts I heard indicated it was a hoot.

Instead, though, I chose to go to the panel about diversity in Doctor Who. It's unfortunate that programming came down to a single panel encompassing every type of human diversity in a mere fifty minutes (that's hardly enough to talk about any one, let alone all of them), but it was still good to have the conversation. Interestingly, the only time casting a new Doctor came up was at the end, when it was noted that it felt like this had been the only panel of the weekend that hadn't discussed it.

Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later - Day Two


Saturday is traditionally the biggest day of the con, as a day that local fans don't have to take off work in order to attend, and kids are out of school. The halls are thus especially crowded with fans of all sizes in costumes that run the gamut complexity. For most of the day, I was among them reprising my TARDIS dress (at my daughters' insistence—"It matches your hair!").

Once again the first hours of the day were spent hanging out in the Lobby until the first panel at 10. Then it was time to listen to a thoughtful conversation on "Changing Critical Perspectives," about how both received fan wisdom and the process of criticism itself has evolved over the lifetime of the show. Paul Cornell, who moderated, apparently had tried to participate in this panel last year, but said panel drifted so far off course he felt he needed a do-over. I'm glad he did, because I really enjoyed the conversation.

After slipping away to get one last autograph, I returned to the same room for a panel about shows that had ended precipitously on a cliffhanger. There were plenty of passionate fans with opinions in the room, so although it wasn't my cup of tea, I'd still call it a successful panel.

A little more aimless wandering brought me eventually to the Catrin Stewart interview on the main stage. It's always fun hearing from actors I've never seen at a con before, and Catrin continued the trend of being absolutely lovely. I particularly enjoyed her stories about having to have the innuendo in her first appearance explained to her, and the discussion of how Jenny and Vastra's relationship has been received.

Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later - Day One


It's Gally time again, and the con has officially been in full swing since Thursday night. Unofficially, though, there have been folks around since at least Monday. I arrived Wednesday afternoon, but only made my way over to the Marriott Lobby (I'm staying elsewhere this year) on Thursday morning. Every year, it seems, things ramp up earlier and earlier as folks make the most of opportunities to play tourist while in town.

On Friday, the non-con story of the day was rain. The local news seemed to be making it out to be fairly apocalyptic—and to be fair, in some parts of the region there have been several inches since the storm broke—but near LAX, and for a Midwesterner, the rain seemed steady but light. I was fortunate enough to make it to the Marriott before the rain started, and I was extremely glad not to be out in it once the wind picked up.

I thus spent a couple of hours in the Lobby chatting with random folks until the con's opening salvo: the Radio Free Skaro live episode. I sat through the first two sections (interviews with Paul McGann and with Philip Hinchcliffe and Roger Murray-Leach, respectively) before making a couple of passes around the Dealers' Room to ogle swag and grab some autographs.

Giveaway Winners!


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As the cover art for 2015 is still pending and my layout designer is still finishing up page proofs, I don't have an exact date for when each of the new editions will go on sale, but rest assured I will keep you posted as the situation develops.


Now for our winners!

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Don Pettyjohn
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Kara S
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John Shriver
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Derek Kompare
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Laura D
Single Edition:  Fifth Choice (final remaining edition)
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